Insurance (Photo credit: Christopher S. Penn)

Human beings tend to have an intrinsic desire to be around other people, avoid solitude, and seek out that which makes them feel safe and secure. This need is both fundamental and functional-life is full of ups and downs, and social supports make the journey a little less trying or even more optimistic. An insurance policy won’t make you less lonely or provide any substitute for the warmth and kinship of loved ones. However, insurance can provide you with a sense of security and give hope for the future. Insurance exists to protect you from life’s unexpected events and disasters especially when there is no where else to turn to. When you purchase insurance, you’re not just buying a policy; you’re also buying peace of mind. Without it, you must constantly worry about what might happen and how your finances would withstand the worst-case scenario. You need to feel secure, you need to guarantee your assets, and you need the safety net of insurance.

Perhaps you can appreciate the importance of insurance and the financial security that comes with it, but you have reservations or stereotypes. Specifically, you may harbor conflicting concerns about how you would ever afford a good policy or if taking a policy would guarantee you protection from unexpected events. Of course you want the peace of mind of knowing your assets are protected, but what toll would it take on your day-to-day finances? You can reconcile these competing motivations by finding a quality policy, having detailed knowledge on what the policy offers and finding one that is also reasonably priced.

At insurance unlimited we highlight all round issues in the insurance sector with major focus on the Eastern Africa region. However, the inter-connectivity in insurance needs, management and challenges globally necessitate that a global perspective is applied in regard to the discussions and information shared. It is our genuine desire that ignorance and stereotypes against  insurance in the African context is erased through insurance information dissemination and the sharing of experiences by parties undertaking insurance. At insurance unlimited, we believe that knowledge is power and that a win-win situation for all the insurance industry stakeholders is attributed to insurance know-how.

English: United Airlines Flight 175 crashes in...

English: United Airlines Flight 175 crashes into the south tower of the World Trade Center complex in New York City during the September 11 attacks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)