A car crash on Jagtvej in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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Which questions do you ask?

Does the cover have any discounts, offers or penalties?

  • It is common to find people taking auto covers without much knowledge on what it offers. The common riders ignored include; no blame no excess clauses which protects you from paying excess when you are not to blame, excess protector which protects you from paying excess regardless of who was to blame for the accident and young driver’s clause which penalizes under age drivers or drivers who have been driving for fewer years than a given limit. The above scenarios highlight some aspects of motor insurance that are overlooked. This normally leads to complains from the insured parties and delays in settlement of claims.

Which kind of parts will be fitted on my vehicle in case of an accident?  Do I get original manufacturer parts?

  • It would be unsatisfactory and even offensive to have low standard or used parts fixed on your vehicle after an accident. Not only does it diminish the appeal of the vehicle but greatly undervalues it.

How much will I be paid in case of an accident resulting in total loss or theft of my vehicle?

  • There are charges related to total loss of your vehicle that you have to pay. Prior knowledge of this  eliminates frustration and the feeling of being cheated.

What procedures should I follow when involved in an accident?

  • This may seem like abc to most people yet it is one of the crucial steps in claims management. The normal things to do when in such a situation is to get the details of the other parties involved including; vehicle registration, postal address and  their insurer. The police should also come into the picture with your acquisition of a police abstract possibly indicating the blamed party if not pending under investigation. Another crucial factor is knowing what your insurer needs in order to process the claim and they include duly filled claim form, copy of driving license, copy of log book e.t.c. as required by your insurer.

Below are some of the requisite documents needed to process a motor claim;

Ø     Duly completed Claim Form

Ø     Copy of the Log Book(duly transferred in the insured’s name)

Ø     A copy of driver’s License

Ø     Police abstract Report

Ø     The applicable excess